Prepping for a puppy

Toro giving mommy Another Girl Named Ashley lots and lots of puppy kisses!

In two short weeks, the Hunky Engineer and I will be bringing home our first PUPPY! I have never had a dog (but always loved visiting friends that did) and the Hunky Engineer used to have dogs when he lived in Mexico but they never lived inside. SO, this endeavor is pretty huge for both… Continue reading Prepping for a puppy

3 Myths about the 9-5

3 Myths about the 9-5 Another Girl Named Ashley

I left you all hanging for TWO WHOLE MONTHS! I'd apologize but I don't feel like I need to, it has been a BUSY two months: painting our house, Thanksgiving, family visits, work trips, etc.etc. I'm happy everything has slowed down a bit and I can get back to my writing.  Today's post is going… Continue reading 3 Myths about the 9-5

My top 8 self-care tips

In today's world, people often get so caught up in their efforts to be successful and happy that they forget to take care of themselves. I often find myself in the exact same situation. So, to combat this, here are my top 10 self-care tips. 1.Get a full night's sleep This might sound simple, but… Continue reading My top 8 self-care tips

What do I really weigh?

Today’s article is inspired by Emmy Rossum’s social media post and comments  about what she actually weighs. I came across her message this morning and felt called to action. I love the concept that you weigh what you’ve accomplished in life, not a number on the scale. I have never paid much attention to the… Continue reading What do I really weigh?

Returning to an old job

It’s been an exhausting and fulfilling start to 2018. I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have had and the many that are to come! My post today is about returning to an old job that you have already left. In October, I received and opportunity at a company that I personally felt I… Continue reading Returning to an old job

Buying a new car

Good Morning everybody! I know, I know, it has been far too long since I last posted on here. Hopefully, today’s post will be worth your while. This past weekend, I bought a car! And not just any old car, I bought a brand-new 2017 Mazda CX-5! I am beyond excited to share with you… Continue reading Buying a new car

What to do when you lack inspiration

Today, I have been struggling with inspiration for my blog. I know there are tons of topics I could cover, but the words are just not coming to me. So, I am taking a step back to reflect and find some perspective and (hopefully) ideas! Here is what I do to get the creative juices… Continue reading What to do when you lack inspiration

Reasonable ways to save money

Another Girl Named Ashley - Reasonable Ways to Save Money 2019 - Header

Twenty-somethings are always looking up ways to save money. They want to travel, move out, buy a car, et cetera, et cetera. But, have you ever noticed that most of the guides are totally unreasonable? Yeah, me too. So today, I am going to share with you how I save my money and still enjoy… Continue reading Reasonable ways to save money

Tattoos and Professionalism: Some Thoughts

Another Girl Named Ashley - tattoos and professionalism - header

Me again! Tonight's topic is inspired by my most recent adventure, a new tattoo! My best friend, Kara, and I decided to get matching tattoos that represented our love of Disney and the movie Tangled. Tattoo #2 - Tangled While you may not be the biggest fan of my tattoo idea, I am here to… Continue reading Tattoos and Professionalism: Some Thoughts