The best gym clothes ever

Today’s post is going to be picture-heavy because I need to brag about my favorite workout brand for a second. Since I am a fairly small person, I have a hard time finding workout leggings that fit me and stay up. I don’t have natural curves for leggings to hug, so I’ve always struggled with leggings for the gym. Until I found Abs2B Fitness.

Abs2B Fitness is by far the GREATEST brand of workout clothes I have EVER experienced. Everything is custom-made to your size, so it always fits! You can also completely customize your leggings, sports bras, shorts, tops, etc. to your liking! You can choose whichever pant colors/prints you want, send a description to them, and they bring your vision to life.

But wait, it gets even better. You can send them your measurements and they will customize the clothes to fit YOUR size. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!

Below are some of the items that I have. Code ASH15 gets you 15% off and I do benefit from you buying with my code. BUT, I wouldn’t wear something I don’t believe in and I think being able to customize gym clothes is incredibly important for women. The company is owned by Mandy, who is chasing her American dream.

IMG_2010[1] IMG_2210 img_2485.jpg

IMG_2579 IMG_2765 IMG_4031

And one more thing – their staff is incredibly responsive to all questions and concerns that you might have. I was nervous to order leggings when I couldn’t try them on first, but they are always so supportive and explain how each fabric feels and fits so you receive a product that you love.


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