Beginning my bullet journal

Recently, I have been very interested in bullet journaling! I never started before now because I was too embarrassed by my handwriting and lack of artistic ability. However, I have decided that life is too short to be afraid of how people might judge my handwriting. So, I started a bullet journal and I wanted to share my ideas and thoughts with you so far!

First, let me tell you, having a ruler is HUGE! A lot of starter bujo ideas involve straight lines (because they are the easiest lines to make). Second, having the right type of pen is also key. I have chatted with a few bujo friends and bought a few different pens to figure out what I really like. I haven’t gotten into the paint pens or highlighters yet because I am trying to start with the very basics before getting too advanced. If you are artsy, feel free to jump right in with the art. I couldn’t do it.

Below are a few of my first pages:

1 – July Habit Tracker


2 – Mood Tracker (2018)

Mood Tracker

3 – August Habit Tracker


They aren’t pretty, but this is my start! I hope to learn some new letter soon and begin to make more beautiful pages.

Thanks for reading!


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