Why I love having tattoos

Tattoos are slowly making their way into the mainstream way of life, and I wanted to share why I love having my tattoos!

1. They represent me.

I think a lot of people feel this way about their tattoos. Why get something put on your body if it doesn’t have any meaning to you? My two tattoos represent different interests and memories I have. My one tattoo is a mixture of Disney and Harry Potter. I grew up reading and watching Harry Potter. I love all the books and movies and am ALWAYS (get it?) down for a HP movie marathon.

Disney, on the other hand, has a special place in my heart because I visited Disney world every year for almost my whole life. I love the Disney culture and the smiles on people’s faces when they walk into the magic of Disney parks. I also passionately love every single Disney movie and hope to pass that love on to my children when I have them.

My second tattoo is the sun from Tangled that is constantly shown throughout the movie and is a representation of Rapunzel’s home and ultimately how she finds out who she truly is. This tattoo fully represents me. Disney is a second home to me, Rapunzel is my favorite Disney animated movie, and I also got it with one of my best friends, who has the matching sun on her rib cage.

2. They show off things that I love.

What better way to show off what you love than put it on your body? My next tattoo is going to be a combination of Harry Potter and Friends with another close friend of mine. Closely following will be my birthday Halloween tattoo. I love that I can show off my passions with my body!

 3. It’s a hobby.

I fully believe that getting tattoos counts as a hobby. You spend so much time researching and imagining the perfect ideas. You save and save and save so that you can get what you want. And you show them off like a collection. What better hobby to have than decorating your body? Your tattoos are your collection. But, instead of having them displayed on a shelf or in a box under your bed, you can walk around with your collection 24/7.


4. Having tattoos is like being in a worldwide club.

I love getting compliments for my tattoos and admiring others’ as well! Once you get your first tattoo, you join a whole different group of people who have been through what you have. You can talk about what the pain felt like, if it turned out how you wanted, share artists, and discuss your future designs and ideas. Tattoos are an unofficial bond between people worldwide. Only another person who has a tattoo can understand what it is like to be tatted, and that’s pretty awesome.


5. Tattoos are conversation starters.

Have you ever asked someone about their tattoo as an icebreaker? Has someone ever asked you? Learning about others’ tattoos is a great way to get to know them. Not only does it spark a conversation, it reveals a bit about the person you are speaking to. Back to point one – tattoos represent who we are. If someone starts to talk about their tattoos, you can learn so much about them!


6. Tattoos are a way to carry memories.

I personally do not have a memorial tattoo, but I know quite a few people who have them. Tattoos are a way of holding onto those memories and being reminded of them daily. They can help people cope with the lose off a loved one or a pet. They can help heal because the tattoo is permanently there, as if the loved one is still there too.

On a happier side, they can also be reminders of fun memories. Maybe you and your sisters have a tattoo of a childhood memory. Or you and your best friend have some long-lasting quote tattooed on you. My tattoo with my best friend, the sun from Tangled, came out of our memories watching Tangled every time we hung out and had a sleepover – even as adults.

Whether you are for or against tattoos, I encourage you to understand why people get them. They are becoming more and more accepted in daily life, and their beauty is undeniable.

Why do you love having tattoos? Let me know!


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