A look inside our home: My Office

Hey guys! I am sooo excited about today’s post. I have been working diligently to finish this room up so that I could share. It is not quite finished yet (just need a bookshelf and some minor wall art), but it is so close that I couldn’t wait any longer!

My favorite room in our new house is my home office. The wall already came painted in teal (a little more on the blue side, but still teal). In case you didn’t know, my favorite colors are royal blue, teal, and black! So naturally, my whole life has been centered around those colors. My bedroom in my parents’ old house was teal, my college dorm was teal-themed (thanks roomie for putting up with my color and Disney obsession!), and now my new office is teal! Yay!

My office is my little sanctuary where I can blog, write, read, and obsess over Disney and Halloween. I felt bad infecting our WHOLE house with Disney and Halloween, so I keep most of it in my office, and only a little spills out around the house (such as in our downstairs bathroom). My goal for this post is to show you how I created my office on a budget!

First, I spent forever on Pinterest looking at different office designs and command center wall ideas. I knew I wanted a command center, but I also wanted something modern. However, I HATE doing something too trendy that I will just want to get rid of next year. I wanted a space that was timeless and fun, and if I wanted to swap something out, I easily could.

Office Wall 1

Dad's chair

Now that you’ve seen my office, let me break it down for you:

The armchair is from my parents’ house. It is my dad’s FAVORITE chair and we was so upset that he was going to have to get rid of it when he moved. It is old and beaten up, but it is so damn comfortable! Naturally, I wanted to take the chair for my reading chair. Avid readers out there, you know how important a good reading chair is. Bonus points if it is already broken in AND it rocks/swivels (mine does). The only issue was the aesthetic value of the chair, so I simply took my fluffy Día de los Muertos blanket that my mom got me for Christmas and covered up the torn armrests. Just like that, I had a “new” chair with a bit of Ashley flair!

The wall next to the chair is where my bookcase will be going once the Hunky Engineer builds me one. Our idea is multiple different sized cubes mounted on the wall where I can put my books and journals and cute nick knacks that I collect when traveling or when my family travels.

My desk was a gift from my parents when I was in high school. I was doing a lot of reading and writing for class and my tiny little desk was not helping me at all. So, my parents got me a beautiful executive desk that I absolutely love! It is a little banged up now, I have had it for some time, but it works and looks amazing in my office. My favorite feature of the desk is the space on top. There is so much room to spread out and still have items on the desk that I use (pens, pencils, post its, etc.) I can’t work in a crowded space, so having the right size desk is HUGE for me (no pun intended there). I didn’t choose the color of the desk, it matched my old bedroom set at my parents’ house. Because of that, this desk became my centerpiece and everything I bought would have to match or compliment this desk! If you like my desk, here’s one that’s similar.

Photo from Staples.com

My desk chair was ordered from Amazon. My dad actually gave me an office chair, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I felt uncomfortable in the chair and decided to get a new one. Originally, I wanted a black chair, but it made me feel like I was in a corporate office with brown and black. Instead, I ordered the white chair you see in the picture. I ordered it from Amazon for $60.00. I know that sounds like a lot, but if you take a look at office chairs online, they aren’t cheap. I wanted one that looks nice but was also affordable, so this is what I chose! I chose one that was more of a modern desk chair as that is my style. I selected the mid-back option because high-back looks too much like conference room chairs at an office. You need to choose a chair that fits your style AND is comfortable. I’ll tell you, my chair is ridiculously comfortable!

Photo from Amazon.com

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering about my wall decorations!

To the far left is my medal rack and obstacle course race medals! My dad built it for me and I decorated it with stickers and well-earned medals. OCR racing is a special part of my life because I share it with my dad. I am incredibly proud of those medals and needed to showcase them in my office!

The gray frame with rose gold wiring is from my friend and her fiancée! They gave it to me as a housewarming gift and I love it so much! They got it from Primark and it is totally affordable for anybody else who might want one. ALSO, it is super lightweight, so I just hung it up with command hooks and haven’t had any issues with it so far! I would link it here, but Primark doesn’t have a shoppable website. Sorry!

My clock has been in my room for years. I believe it is from Target, but I am not 100% sure. I don’t have the link to the exact clock because it is pretty old, but here’s one from Home Depot that looks similar!

Photo from Home Depot

My white board calendar is from Target! I use it to write out my blog schedule and my blog ideas that I haven’t scheduled posts for yet. I love this calendar because it has a thin silver frame that matches the gray from above it and the silver on my desk chair. I am much more of a silver person than a gold person. I also bought ultra-fine tipped dry erase markers for the sake of organization and being able to write more than one word in each day. The calendar is linked here.

The two hexagons are also from Target. $5 each at the front where they have all of their discounted items! I love them both, they add flair to the wall as they aren’t traditionally shape d and they’re both useful. And they match! One is a cork board and one is a whiteboard. I think you can only buy them in store, but here is a similar cork board you can order online! I also bought a cute pack of push pins that have teal in them to match the vibe of the room (and they were only $3!).

And finally, the cheapest part of my office: the white wire grids. I actually bought these on Store Supply Warehouse. They were $0.89 each, so I got 4 in case something happened to them in transit and one or two got warped. They all came in fine, so now I have two extra! I love these because they are trendy, but super cheap so when I get sick of them, I can just get new wall décor and not feel guilty about getting rid of these! The grid spaces are smaller than the ones advertised on Urban Outfitters or Target, but you get more space to clip things and you save a TON of money! Shop them here.

Photo from storesupply.com

That’s basically my home office! I’m sure I will be back with another post once the whole office is finished, but I simply couldn’t wait to show it off! I’m typically not crafty or artsy at all, so building rooms that are “Pinterest-worthy” or aesthetically pleasing by most standards aren’t usually my thing. I hope one day I can build the rest of my house to be Pinterest-worthy, assuming the Hunky Engineer allows it.

I’d love to see what your home offices look like or if you have any suggestions for me to add to my space! There’s still plenty of floor and wall space to be filled and I’m open to other ideas!


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