Side hustles – what you can do

Today I’m here to talk about side hustles and how they can positively or negatively impact your life. If you talk with most people who are between the ages of 20 and 40, they often talk about how they wish they could do something fun and make money for it. A lot of us are caught up in the 9-5 culture because jobs offer benefits, salaries, and friends. Personally, I love my 9-5 job! I love what I do each day and I’m constantly on my toes handling different projects. But, having just bought a house with my boyfriend, I had to get creative to try and bring in a little bit more money – without having to pick up a part-time job. I wanted something flexible that could bring me some income. Hence, why I have been trying to better-develop my brand and blog!

Now, the point of a side hustle is that it is flexible and fun. It should be something you enjoy doing while being able to pocket some extra cash. Currently, I have not made any money from my side hustle because I need to better develop my blog before I will make significant impact (and I need to get better about sharing on social media and writing/scheduling content ahead of time). But, if you wanted to make money right away by writing, you could easily become a freelancer and advertise your services that way (that is my next step. I’d love to write even more than I do).

A side hustle doesn’t just need to be writing-based. You can be a dogwalker or a babysitter. You could become a mystery shopper or sell your clothes/extra household items online. There are multiple ways you can become a side-hustler. If you’re really ambitious, you can create your own business and, if successful enough, you can turn that into your full-time job!

Not sure what is right for you? Here are some sites with side hustle options that I personally would do myself:

Side Hustle Nation



That’s all for now!

Do you have a side hustle? Let me know what you do and how you got started!


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