Chasing your dreams

Good afternoon readers! It has been awhile, but I’ve just been sooooo busy! I’ve traveled a lot for work, been getting into a serious gym routine, and I was just in Hawaii! When I finally get my photos sorted, I’ll be posting a run-down of my trip and the best spots to visit on Kauai and Maui! But for now, I just want to give a short blurb on chasing dreams.

Now, I’m not opening up on all of the details, but recently I have been making some pretty big steps in my life and I’m super excited about it! I’ve been lucky to have such supportive parents and friends and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

Now, chasing dreams. The thing is, lots of people have lots of dreams…and they always stay just dreams. Why? Because often times the dreamer is defeated by their own doubt! Dreams will not just happen if you don’t make them happen. For example, lots of people have a dream car. They’ll talk about this car like they already own it, but they never take steps to make it attainable! Save that money, ask for a loan, do what it takes to make your dream come true! Of course, do it intelligently and don’t kill yourself/go completely broke over a car. Sometimes the dream car is still 3 purchases away.

Either way, I just wanted to come out here and post something short about chasing dreams and making them a reality. I’m doing it now, at 22 years old, because I have been saving and planning for many years. You always hear that it is never too late. Well, the same thing goes with being early. So, keep dreaming, but also make sure you are working towards your dream, not away from it.

Ta-ta for now, I’ll be back soon with Hawaii info!!


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