Why I love my custom hair products

In September, I came across this company called Function of Beauty, and I was curious about how their products worked. They claim to create a personal formula for your shampoo and conditioner based on your preferences and hair type. To be completely honest, I thought it was total BS.

Then I tried it.

And I fell in love.

I chopped off my hair early this past summer and have not been too thrilled with it (shout out to Jenna at Fashionistas, because she did a fabulous job. I just am not a fan of the length I selected.) So, I have been trying to grow my hair back out to a length I like and decided to try some custom hair products to make my journey quicker.

I am so happy I did.

You fill out a hair profile and you get to select five hair goals (ex: oil reduction, anti-frizz, volumizing, etc.) and then they will send you a package with your desired shampoo and conditioner.

What is even better is that you get to choose the scent AND the color of your custom order! Start to build your custom order here and save $5! You won’t be disappointed.

You might be wondering why I have waited this long to share about this product service. Honestly, because of my skepticism, I wanted to wait until I had used the product for long enough before giving it a review. But, after a couple of months of use, I can tell you I am so thrilled with this product and have signed up for a subscription!

With a subscription, you can update your formula whenever you want, including your hair goals, colors, scents, and bottle sizes. Oh, I forgot to mention, you have the option to order more conditioner than shampoo or vice versa. So, all my long and thick-haired babes don’t have to pay double for shampoo just to get conditioner. You can also buy shampoo or conditioner separate.

For my short-haired babes, I bought the largest size possible and am only about halfway through the product (I wash my hair every 3 days). I have my subscription set to deliver every 6 months because I do not use much as of right now.

This company has done a great job at creating a custom experience that works for me, and I hope that it can work for you too!! Click here to get started and save $5!


*Note, the links are referral links, so you get $5 off if you use them and I get points towards my orders!


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