What do I want for Christmas? I’m 22.

It is coming up on what the world calls “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” which means parents are scrambling for coupons, flyers, and, most importantly, their children’s Christmas lists. But, I’m 22 now, what the heck do I want? Long gone are the days where I want a new Wii game or Bratz dolls. I have a full-time, salaried job where I can afford to buy the things I need and want. So, what the heck do I ask for?

To be fair, I am aware that most people at my age are still in college because they did not graduate as quickly as I did. This list is meant to help everybody, broke or not, decide what they really need and, if you’re in my shoes, what you really want.

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving and, even if you do not celebrate, you are smacked in the face with everything relating to this holiday. You cannot avoid the sale signs at the mall or all the emails that bombard your inbox. This, however, can be in your favor.

Now that we are older, we need to prioritize better. That means more browsing when it comes to Christmas. Before, we could just write down everything we saw, excited that we would get one or two of those items on our list. But now, we are more money-conscious and a bit more picky (do not try and disagree with that). Here is a guide to help figure out what you really need/want.

Technology – Phone

Do you have a phone? Great. Does it work well? Maybe not so much. If you have been waiting to upgrade but cannot afford it, now would be a great time to do so! Ask your parents for a phone upgrade since you will not do it yourself. Already have the iPhone X? See if your parents will pay 6 months or a year of your phone bill. That will add money back to your pocket and it is a bit more affordable for your parents as well because the cost is split up.

Technology – Laptop

Now that you are in your later years and/or have already graduated college, maybe it is time to trade in that heap of junk you’ve been struggling with since high school. Your poor baby is just too slow and barely connects to the internet anymore. As an adult, you will need a laptop for video interviews, personal use, graduate school, and applying for jobs. Already have a job that gives you a laptop? Skip the personal one for now, there is no point in having two.


Ladies, this one is for you. If you wear makeup but hate spending money on it, now is your chance to save some. Looking at the new Tarte palette but crying through your waterproof mascara over the cost? Ask for it for Christmas. Your favorite foundation costs $50? It is a great gift, as long as you fully describe your shade to your parents (do not want to make that mistake!). Christmas is the time to get the most-expensive makeup that you have been yearning for all year.

Tickets to an Event

Experiences are important, so why not ask for one for Christmas? Is your favorite band playing close to home in the upcoming year? Maybe you want to finally get out and experience a hockey or baseball game. Whatever the event may be, asking for tickets for you and a friend or you and a significant other is a great option. Bonus points if you ask for two tickets and then take one of your parents with you.


Okay broke college kids, this one is for you! You spend money on toiletries all the time because your roommate keeps using your shampoo because they are out and do not feel like buying more. Christmas is the perfect time to stock up. There are great deals in the stores and your mom probably has coupons too. So, ask for 3 bottles of shampoo, or 5 packs of razors. You will be set through the end of the school year AND probably after graduation as well.

Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with gift cards. If you are not sure what you want/need, as for a gift card to Target, Walmart, or Amazon. Those places have tons of options, so when you finally make up your mind, you will be able to go. Ask for gift cards to your favorite restaurant because you never eat out anymore due to the expense. If you love coffee and drink it before class or work every day, get a Starbucks, Wawa, or Dunkin gift card. Bonus for Wawa, because you can also use it for gas!

Work Clothes

Let’s face it, your wardrobe is not up to par for job interviews. Do not be afraid to ask your parents for a mini shopping spree to stock up on essential items for work! Get a few button-down shirts, some nice slacks, and a pair of GOOD, SOLID shoes. These items will go a long way, trust me.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you develop your 20-year-old Christmas list. I know I thought long and hard before developing my list.

What are you going to be asking for? Comment below!


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