Back at it again

Hey everybody!

Sorry I have been completely MIA for almost a month. It has been CRAZY over here for me. I started a brand new job last week so the past month has just been transition after transition!

The end of my beloved birthday month is here and I just need to take a quick moment to reflect on my life. I am beyond fortunate to be living the life I am living right now. I have been seeing amazing progress in my physical body (huge shoutout to the Hunky Engineer for that one), and I have just been improving so much as of late. I am beyond lucky to have friends, family, and a boyfriend who push me to be my best self. I am so happy.

Later this week I will publish a post about all of my FAVORITE things about October and everything I have done this month, so this post is going to be pretty short. Just a quick reminder that I am still alive and kicking and ready to get back into blogging more often!

Also, be ready to see some more clothing reviews. I have done a LOT of shopping over the past month (much to my boyfriend’s dismay), so I have a lot of super-cute new pieces to show you! Half of them will be gym-related, so fitness babes (or comfort-loving babes) get ready!

Thanks for sticking with me! I’ll be back soon!



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