Poetry – Lake House Rambling

Good evening blogosphere! I apologize for being totally MIA the past few days. I am on vacation with my family in Tobyhanna, PA, enjoying a lovely lake house and outdoor air. Not to mention, the wifi connection is terrible, so I am not sure if this will even post once I am done.

Today, I bring to you a short musing I created while reflecting on my past and looking forward to my future.


As I look back on my life,

I see a younger me crying.

And I think,

“What could I have done to help her?”


And now, I realize,

That I am a reflection

Of this crying girl.


And now, I realize,

That though it was tough then,

It is not as tough now.

Hardships pass.

Time passes.


And soon, we will no longer recognize our crying reflection.

Because, our reflection will be older, wiser,

Looking upon us with an unfamiliar smile,

Knowing that what we endured then,

Has led to happiness now.


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