Don’t get in your own way

In case you cannot tell, I have been going through some life changes and I thoroughly enjoy sharing them with the world because I think my honesty and openness will help a lot of people my age who are struggling.

Today’s post is about not getting in your own way pf the progress you want to make. Too often, we make excuses for why we cannot make life changes. We cite expenses, relationships, and time as reasons why we cannot accomplish our biggest dreams and deepest desires.

It is about damn time we stop doing that.

I am sure everybody has complained about not having time for the gym and then some gym rat says, “you do not find time, you make time.” Well, I hate to be the person who agrees with the gym rat… but they are right.

Now, this philosophy does not just apply to the gym. It can apply to anything you want to do.

Have you always wanted to paint? While taking classes might be expensive, buying some paper and cheap paint is not. And hey, Google is free! All you need to do is set aside a bit of time each day or week to practice. Watch tutorials on YouTube. Google some patterns. Do not limit yourself because of time and money. You will be so proud of yourself for your accomplishments once you start.

This does not only go for skills that you want to acquire. Is there a hot guy/girl at work that you want to get to know? Maybe it’s a person who rides the train with you on the way to work or you see them in the grocery store all the time. You constantly make excuses because you do not “have time” for a relationship or you do not have the confidence to speak to someone. Well, buck up, because that conversation could change your life.

Take me and the Hunky Engineer for example. We work together, and if I had never spoken to him while we sat alone at lunch, we would not be where we are today. I am the happiest I have ever been with the Hunky Engineer by my side, and our whole relationship came out of us taking a chance on each other. You could find that too, if you stopped making excuses for why you cannot do it.

Do not get in the way of your progress. If you want to eat healthier, then eat healthier. All you need are some Google recipes and a few cooking tutorials (all of which of free on this fabulous thing called the internet!). If you want to chat it up with someone from work, go for it! If you want to learn a skill, get the bare minimum needed and get started. If you hate it, you barely spent any money on it. But, if you love it, you will begin to prioritize your money so that you can get better.

Life is too short to go unfulfilled. If you want to change, then make the change. You are the only thing holding yourself back. Do not get in your own way. Achieve greatness. Be happy.

Not holding myself back is the best thing I have ever done. And I think you will feel the same once you take that step.



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