Poetry – Work Creations

Another Girl Named Ash

While bored at work today, I decided to start dabbling in some short poetry again. Here are a few simple creations inspired by my time abroad and my time spent with the Hunky Engineer (the sweatpants date guy). I hope you enjoy some mindless creations!

Fairy tales

For I have not loved

As I have loved you.

I do not believe in fairy tales.

But I think I am beginning to.


Your touch excites

My mind,

My soul.

For you are

Far more beautiful

Than any

I have loved.


I hear your breathing

Next to me.

Slow, deep, peaceful.

And as I wish

For your arms

Around me.

You move.

And soon I am

Wrapped up.

Safe and sound.

As if you knew

What I wished.


Take me back

To the place

I belong.

Across an ocean

In a city

Known for beauty.

Oh Barcelona,

How I long for you

Each day.



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