Aerie Super Scoop bathing suit review

Hello! It has been a minute. I’ve been busy with my new job and trying to get into a workout routine. But more on that later. Today, I am here to post my review of Aerie’s Super Scoop One Piece Bathing Suit!

Now, I must be honest, when I first heard that one-pieces were coming back, I was incredibly skeptical. I wanted nothing to do with this “new” trend. But then… I saw Aerie’s suits.

My mind was blown. I was amazed at the fact that a company could make one-piece bathing suits look sexy without being incredibly skimpy. No bikinis that barely cover your nipples or bottom, no deep-v one pieces where your boobs are practically jumping out of the suit.

Granted, the suit I fell in love with DOES show some side-boob, but it is a classy amount, in my opinion.


Along with the fact that is covers what it needs to, this suit shows off BOTH of my tattoos (though, I only had one when I took these pictures, forgive me). I love my tattoos, but as I mentioned in my post about Tattoos and Professionalism, mine are placed in spots where they are not always easily seen. So, buying a suit that shows them both off without showing too much skin was perfect for me.


Moving on from the shape of the suit, the COLOR is GLORIOUS! It is an olive green, which really brings out my hazel eyes (my favorite feature, I might add). I have been getting into the army/olive green for a while, and I took a big step buying a bathing suit in that color. I typically buy my suits in black (it is slimming, after all), so this was a HUGE step for me. And I think it really paid off.

Now moving on to the price. This suit is $44.95 on Aerie’s website, which is a bit steep. But, I waited for an amazing sale and got it for $35! If you split that into a two-piece, it basically would be $20 bottoms and a $15 top, which I think is a STEAL!

Aerie has since gone on and added a new Super Scoop One Piece with spaghetti straps, but I think the original is way cuter.

Just so you ladies know, I am 5’4”, weigh 120lbs, and I am a 34C bra. This is so you know how it fits my body type. Did I mention the suit comes in lengths for all you tall ladies out there?


Click here to view the link on Aerie’s website!

Do you have this suit? If so, leave a comment below. I would love to hear your opinions!


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