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Hello Blogosphere! I am new here, so this first post might be a little rough to get through. I was an English and Communications major in college, so there will not be any grammar errors or spelling mistakes, I promise.

The intention of this first post is to introduce myself and my blog to the world! I titled this piece “Why a Blog?” because I feel like I owe those who choose to read my content an explanation for why I am here.

I have always loveIMG_5566d to write, which is why I chose my dual-major at Albright College. I had probably the most writing-focused major combination EVER, and I loved every bit of it. But, once I graduated December (2016), I felt a void in my life. I graduated a year and a half early from college, and I began to yearn for school again. After working at my Alma Mater for four months, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate what I am really good at and what I am here for. Unfortunately, that yielded far too many results, so I am still confused. However, this blog is the first step on my journey to finding my true passions and following my dreams. This blog is here to fill the void.

So, thank you for becoming a part of my journey, I promise it will get a LOT more interesting.

My blog is designed to resemble an electronic journal/lifestyle blog hybrid. Maybe once I begin writing more, I will have a more set direction. However, I want to be here to share the true life of a twenty-something year old, because I feel like there is so much pressure on us to have it all figured out even though we are all still confused. Nobody’s life is perfect, and I want to be here to represent that it is OKAY¬†not to be perfect.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


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