Daily Agenda – Download

Daily Agenda - Free Download 2020 - Another Girl Named Ashley

It's tough to get organized, and not every day needs to be planned. Buying a gorgeous planner, while a great investment, can become costly year after year! My solution? A FREE Daily Agenda download, complete with a schedule, to-do lists, habit tracker, and notes section. Let me help you get organized! Download the Daily Agenda… Continue reading Daily Agenda – Download

Weekend Cleaning Routine

Weekend Cleaning Routine - Header - Another Girl Named Ashley

Everybody must clean during the week/weekend, whether it’s a room, apartment, or house. Some people love to clean and organize (hello, me!) and some absolutely dread it. Today I am here to provide you with my cohesive weekend cleaning list to help you get a jump start on your spring cleaning! For me, living in… Continue reading Weekend Cleaning Routine

5 tips for making time for what’s important to you

5 Tips for making time for what's important to you - Another Girl Named Ashley - Header

Let’s face it, everybody’s priorities in life are different. Some want to start a business, others want an education, and still others want to grow in their career. Some want to start a family, and others want to build an empire. Marriage, kids, careers, education, travel, etc. all look different to each individual person out… Continue reading 5 tips for making time for what’s important to you

My Weekly Workout Split

Good Morning! I’m hoping to start off your week with a bit of motivation to head out to the gym and focus on your health and wellbeing. Part of what makes me so successful with what I do (and how I avoid feeling tired 24/7 with my busy life) is taking the time to fuel… Continue reading My Weekly Workout Split

How to spark creativity

Sparking Creativity - Header - Another Girl Named Ashley Blog

I'll admit, I never thought I was a creative person when I was growing up. I grew up with a mom who could sing and sisters who could draw and do makeup. Everybody was stylish. Even my dad could draw. Personally, I always associated creativity with artistic talent. It wasn't until I started taking photos… Continue reading How to spark creativity

4 Tips for living with an unorganized person

4 Tips for living with an unorganized person - header - Another Girl Named Ashley

I am a self-proclaimed neat freak, and anybody who knows me would absolutely agree with that description. When things are out of place in my life, I need to correct them ASAP or they infringe on my inner peace. If I’m in a messy room, I immediately feel claustrophobic, stressed, and tense. And I’m sure… Continue reading 4 Tips for living with an unorganized person

My Weekday Morning Routine

Clock - Header - My Morning Routine - Another Girl Named Ashley.jpg

I used to think a morning routine was pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I love planning and organizing and productivity, but I never understood why having a specific morning routine would help improve that. Little did I know, I was seriously missing out on the benefits of a planned morning! I would wake up when… Continue reading My Weekday Morning Routine

My Home Office

I know, I know, I've been MIA for far too long. But, I promise it's been for good reason! I've finally started dedicating real time to my novel, and I'm doing pretty well so far! I haven't given up yet! I have an outline, a history, and the introduction and first chapter done. As of… Continue reading My Home Office

Time blocking sheet: download

Another Girl Named Ashley - Time Blocking Downloads 2019 - Header

If any of you happen to follow me on Instagram (@ashleykcanning), you will notice I often post about time blocking and I share photos of my time blocking sheet all filled out! Today, I have a bit of a different post for you. I am going to link up my time blocking sheet so you… Continue reading Time blocking sheet: download