Time blocking sheet: download

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If any of you happen to follow me on Instagram (@ashleykcanning), you will notice I often post about time blocking and I share photos of my time blocking sheet all filled out! Today, I have a bit of a different post for you. I am going to link up my time blocking sheet so you… Continue reading Time blocking sheet: download

My top organization tips

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Below you will find some of my favorite organization tips! This is for all around life organization, from planning to execution. My post is a broad overview. If you want more details on any of these points or any other tips specific to a certain group of people, please let me know! I would love… Continue reading My top organization tips

My favorites list: Podcasts

Podcasts are quickly becoming the way people consume their news, tips, and motivation. Podcasts can be played virtually anywhere and without needing to see a screen, it's not surprising they are gaining popularity FAST. I wanted to hit you today with a quick list of some of my favorite podcasts and my favorite episodes from… Continue reading My favorites list: Podcasts

Visiting Zakynthos, Greece 2019

Back again! Today I'm talking about my trip to Zakynthos, Greece, through photos! Like my previous post, I am going to share a ton of photos from my trip. I hope you enjoy! First up, Shipwreck Beach! We also visited another beach that I can't recall the name of. And then there's the food! Here… Continue reading Visiting Zakynthos, Greece 2019

Visiting Split, Croatia 2019

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Hey Everybody! A few months ago, I was lucky enough to go on a family vacation to Split, Croatia, and Zakynthos, Greece! (My family also went to Santorini, Greece, but I had to come home to celebrate the marriage of two of my dearest friends!) My post today is going to be filled with photos… Continue reading Visiting Split, Croatia 2019

Balancing work, a puppy, and fitness

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Did you know that 66% of full-time employees say they don’t believe they have a work-life balance? That is TWO THIRDS of full-time working adults! To me, that number is astronomical. But, when I think about it, it isn’t surprising to me at all. Which is really sad when you think about it. I am… Continue reading Balancing work, a puppy, and fitness

How I use my Day Designer planner to increase productivity and organization

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Ever wonder what's it's like inside my planner? Well, now's you chance to check it out and see why the Day Designer is the BEST planner out there and how it can help you get everything together!

7 Tips for adjusting to living with your partner

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I’m super excited to write this post because a friend suggested it to me! I didn’t think this would be something people would be interested in, but it makes perfect sense. Moving in with a partner always seems like a dream come true. Your life is going well, your relationship is stronger than ever, and… Continue reading 7 Tips for adjusting to living with your partner

3 ways to remain feminine in a male-dominated workplace

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Ladies! We all know that the world is becoming a better place for the working woman. But, even with the shift in the workforce, there are still industries that are incredibly male-dominated. If you are working in one of those industries, then these tips are for you. You don’t have to change to be respected.… Continue reading 3 ways to remain feminine in a male-dominated workplace